May 14, 2010

A Quiet Nursery

Well, my friends, this is it. Pictures of a completed nursery that is readily waiting to hold and comfort the world's soon-to-be newest little boy (he hasn't arrived yet). The boy's room is a very tiny room in our very tiny house. This space used to be our guest room - just big enough to fit a queen size bed and a floating shelf that acted as a nightstand. Now, it's just barely big enough for a baby.

The above picture is what you see directly to your left as you walk in the room. Notice that the mobile ended up above the chair rather than above the crib. You'll see below that the crib sits adjacent to a slanted ceiling, and once the mobile was completed it hung too close to the edge of the crib. That's not good for either a baby or a dainty little mobile made from sewing thread and paper circles - so it found a new place above the recliner.

The bookshelf behind the chair is one of those 9-cube shelves from Target. I love it. The bins conceal pacifiers, swaddling blankets, receiving blankets, wash cloths and toys. The bottom three shelves (which you can't see) are open and hold several books.

This is what you see as you scan the room from left to right. Notice the snazzy little dresser? The first drawer holds disposable diapers, wipes, socks, shoes and hats. The second and third drawers hold neatly stacked jammies, night gowns and onesies sizes 0-6 months.

The lamp was purchased a LONG time ago at a thrift store in Cedar Rapids called Stuff, Etc. Anyone been there? It's fantastic! Anyway, I love it's classic style and when I picked it up I knew it would be perfect for a nursery someday. Recently it got a makeover in blue. I love it.

I've got two garbage cans next to the dresser - one for cloth diapering and the other for trash/disposable diapers. I decided against a conventional "diaper genie" and just went with two regular garbage cans. My sometimes too simplistic thinking concluded that it's all poop wrapped in plastic sitting in a can, right? So, we'll see if I regret that decision. Anyone have experience or thoughts on this?

The curtains were one of my last projects to complete. I whipped them up two weeks ago using the same fabric that my Mom had used for both the recliner and crib skirt. I had just enough fabric to do these (turned out to be the perfect amount of fabric, Mom! Who knew?). This was my first time using grommets for curtains and I was very surprised at how user-friendly they were. I picked them up at my local Hancock Fabrics, and noticed the directions were quite simple. I did swear just a little while trying to snap them together, but I think they gave me a wee bit more trouble because my fabric was home decor weight and I was trying to snap them between 2 or 3 layers. They would have given me no trouble at all had my fabric been any thinner. Anyway, I highly recommend this technique for curtains. I also like how they subtly complement my "circle" theme.

This is the wall that's on your right side as you enter the room. You've seen these shelves before - except at that time they had cloth diapers stacked on them. Now the diapers are concealed in bins. The far left contains the nighttime diapers, in which all the diapers hold two inserts. The middle has daytime diapers and the third bin holds the wipes, diaper cream and Vaseline. I don't love, love the bins, but they are practical because they can eventually fit onto the bookshelf seen in the first picture, when necessary. So, I decided to stick with them.

Also, notice that in the back there is a "real" door hanging there. Jesse and his dad were able to disassemble the god-awful pocket door that used to hang there and replace it with a beautiful new door in its place. For anyone who lives in an OLD house you understand the risk of taking on such a project. You see, in an old house you just never know what kind of weird stuff you will run into when you begin disassembling and rearranging. I have to say I was a bit nervous as he took this project on only two weeks ago. Thankfully, it all came together beautifully. And, I am one proud wife.

I threw together these little guys last night. I needed something on the right side of the room to pull in the blue and the fishies. So, I used some leftover circles from the mobile project and then just cut out some different sized fishes and glued them together. Good enough, I say.

And, lastly, the widest shot that I could get of the room. I'm standing near the recliner in this picture. As you can see we're just waiting in anticipation.

Nana arrives here on Sunday, so you're welcome to arrive anytime you want to, bud. We can't wait to meet you, hold you, kiss you and love you forever and ever.


  1. You made my day! Thanks for posting. You may now have the baby! :)

    P.S. I used a diaper genie with Kyle and got rid of it afterwards. I just use little trash bags and throw them in the trash in the kitchen that goes out pretty often. I can't tell you on cloth as I haven't tried that yet. Still pondering that one!!!

  2. I love that lamp! We have such a similar style...our nursery is the same color and feel I think. It'll be fun for you when there is a sweet baby in that crib!

  3. the nursery isn't so quiet anymore!!!!