February 12, 2010

The First (and Last) Recliner

My Mom came into town a couple weeks ago. Actually, just in time to celebrate my birthday with me. It was a real treat! I got to have her all to myself for nearly a whole week, and it was so good, and so refreshing. I loved it.

We planned this trip knowing I was going to need her help around the house to prepare for this little nugget who arrives in May, so we planned for her to come and manage a couple of BIG projects that were over my head.

I have a knack of overworking her when she comes to town, and I didn't let her down this time either. Poor thing.

Here's the first of the projects - before Mom worked her magic.

It's a super comfy recliner that we got from Jesse's parents. They conveniently decided a couple of months ago that they didn't want it in their living room any longer. Score one for the nursery!

It's going to be a little big for our tiny nursery space, BUT it is a perfect size chair for my 6'2" husband. So, I'm making a very strategic decision to accept an oversized chair for the nursery (rather than a small, cute one that would look better, but surely cramp his back/neck) so that he can sit in comfort while holding a screaming child at 3 AM. Because that's what's really important, right? Husband's comfort trumps cutesy nursery at 3 AM.

Well, over the course of 2.5 days Mom wracked her brain, cut, sewed, wracked her brain some more and sewed some more - wrestling with it until it was done. Here it is. Just gorgeous!

I went with a very neutral color - "light tan" is what they call it I think. I bought 12 yards online from Hancock Fabrics - great quality and fast shipping, by the way. I figure once we're done with it in the nursery I'll be able to bring it into any other living space in the house (course that would require us to move . . . as there is no where else to put it at our current place), but the concept is still true.

Anyway, Mom worked REALLY hard on this project (did I say that already?). So much so that she passionately vowed that she would never recover another recliner. Hmmm . . . I don't blame her.

She covered each piece of the chair separately, so I can remove and wash the pieces as necessary. Isn't that amazing?

She's really good. I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. Thanks, Mom!

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