March 31, 2012

Rose Wreath

Wow.  Can't believe how long it's been since my last post.  My brother was quick to remind me when I was visiting Seattle last weekend.  Apparently it's been over a month!

Between the last post and this one we took a week long trip to Austin, TX to visit Em, Cory and Jesse's parents.  It was nice.  A little colder than we planned, but a great trip.

Then, about three weeks later I took Jude to Seattle for a long weekend.  The weather was beautiful and the family was even better.

Somewhere in there (I think it was before we left for Texas) I made this wreath for my entryway.  It's a pretty little rose wreath and the inspiration came from Pinterest, but originally was pinned from here.  I like hers better than mine, but I guess that's why she's selling hers for $55.

 It took more roses than I thought, but they were fun to put together in small doses.  I googled for a tutorial on felt roses and came up with this one. 

The roses are quite simple and I can imagine there are some other fun uses for them.

P.S. Jude just figured out how to blow his nose into a kleenex while I was writing this post.  It's quite an eventful day around here.