January 10, 2010

It's A Boy

Well, my belly is growing more than ever recently. Thankfully there is a little person in there that is causing all this growth, otherwise I would be alarmed! I'm 22 weeks along now and still feeling great. (Yes, I know how lucky I am!)

I wasn't sure whether I would post these here or not cause Jesse and I agreed we aren't the types to waive our ultrasound pictures all over the known universe. But, I'm pretty sure at least my Mom and sisters will want to see them. So, here are the first pictures we have of this little nugget.

Aren't those feet just too cute? I couldn't stop crying during the ultrasound . . . I'm such a crybaby when it comes to anything sentimental these days. It was such a wonderful experience. I told the technician that I wished I could do it everyday, and I really think I meant it.

So, we found out that our little human (as I like to so lovingly call it) is a boy! We are so thrilled. Now, we would have been thrilled to have a girl, too, so don't get me wrong. But, I have had an inkling all along that it was a boy. It seemed like every time I thought about the baby it was a boy, and it seemed that boys names were the primary ones we were discussing. So, finding out kinda felt like confirmation in a way.

I love this feeling of knowing, though. I wasn't sure I was going to be excited about knowing the gender cause I'm a huge sucker for surprises. But, knowing that I'm carrying a little boy seems to give him more of an identity and it makes the anticipation so much greater. I'm loving it.

Well, the nursery decor and accumulation of baby "supplies" is in full gear. The storage space is quickly dwindling, and I hear it's going to get worse before it gets better. I'm dreaming up plans for the nursery, and they are starting to come together.

The first project was the dresser. I had been searching for a long time for the perfect dresser. We have a very small room for the nursery, so it had to be just the right size. And, it had to be cute, you know? Finally, I found a really old one at goodwill for only $35. The drawers are a bit wonky - I'm not sure it was even worth 35 dollars, but I bought it anyway. Somehow I couldn't resist.

It took a lot of wood putty, sanding and paint to bring it up to snuff. But, I think I did it.

Okay, sorry for the lack of effort in the "after" shot. The dresser is still in the garage, and it was really cold outside - it's Iowa in January, give me a break. I made the best of my lazy effort. You'll see more of it when the nursery starts coming together, I promise.


  1. Dear Erin Tink -

    I randomly came across your blog through your husband's facebook which linked to yours which had a link to your blog, and now I'm a daily reader.


    I literally screamed when a picture of your belly popped up when clicking on your blog.

    CONGRATULATIONS!! I am thrilled for you both knowing it has been a great anticipation and desire! That boy will for certain know he is loved and will love Jesus radically.

    And BY-THE-WAY I LOVE your work! The pillows (their not too excessive, Jesse!)! The Christmas gifts! The fabric! I love watching your work and collections grow!

    Congratulations once more and thank you for your writings!

    Savannah "Vannie" Conlee.

  2. Yeah! A boy! And I love the dresser. I think every dresser I own was probably $50 and under and picked up somewhere random. One was fished out of the dumpster. :) But, I love the painted look and so as long as the shape works, everything else can be fixed. Rub candle wax on the drawers if they stick. It's worked for me.

    Congrats!!!! Can't wait to meet your handsome boy!

  3. Congrats to you both! Love the dresser and looking forward to seeing more of the decor, I know it will look fab!