October 8, 2012

Birthday Backpacks

I love this pattern! There is something about a toddler wearing a backpack that makes me smile. I've made three of them recently, but only photographed these two.  (Lazy with the camera again!)  The first one (no photo) I sent along to my darling little niece, Jane, who just turned three.  I used a fabulous DwellStudio pink and green animal fabric in home decor weight and lined it with pink polka dots. Turned out so cute!

These two were sent to my little nephews, Thomas & Matthew, who just turned two and one. I used leftover gray linen from last year's bedding project. I printed out the letters and then used the freezer paper painting method to add them to the backpacks.

I lined them with a steel blue gray and I'm loving the combo - so sleek and simple for little boys.

Happy birthday, kiddos! We love you so much and wish we could have celebrated in person with all three of you!

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