October 9, 2012

Super Why

I'm so excited to show off the Halloween costume I made for Jude recently. This year we were deciding between Cat in the Hat, Curious George and Super Why, which are all of his PBS favorites right now. Although, Super Why is the less commonly known of the three characters he truly is Jude's #1 favorite right now - he calls him "Tu-Wa Why" - so, we're going with it.  Only parents of other preschoolers will know the character, but that's okay.

He makes a good superhero, doesn't he?

I'm proud to say I made this little outfit for $7.50. Pretty good for a Halloween costume, right? I started by printing out the logo and then traced the main shapes onto blue and white felt. I top-stitched them onto the front of the shirt and then added yellow stitching for the "star" effect.

I used my homemade long sleeve tee pattern for the top and the "everyday leggings" pattern from Growing Up Sew Liberated.  What I like about this costume is that minus the eye mask, cape and underwear it's really just a pair of pajamas that he can wear all winter long.

The eye mask is just two pieces of felt top-stitched together. He refuses to wear it so far - we'll see if he comes around by the time Halloween is here. I'm not banking on it.

Can you tell we've already got a lot of raking to do? This is only just the beginning. And, lucky Jesse, I'll be of zero help this year. Poor thing.

Jude's enjoying the leaves in the meantime. What a sweet, funny boy.

The cape is my modification of this tutorial. I don't really like the collar to the tutorial's cape, so I just made some binding out of the blue knit and sewed it to the top. Easy peasy.

The "underwear" didn't come out exactly as planned - it's a little poochy. But, I'm too lazy to go back and fix it. I tried to follow the guidelines of an online tutorial, but it didn't totally work out. Seems like the sizing is just off. Oh well. He's still rocking the superhero-ness of it all.

"Who’s got the power?
The power to read.
Who answers the call for friends in need?
Super WHY!
Super WHY!"
He’s the guy, he’s Super WHY!


  1. Hip hip hooray! This is the best costume! I love love the book! Great job!

  2. "You've got the power!"

  3. this is awesome!! I want it!


  4. Would you be interested in making me one for my sons 1st Birthday?