August 1, 2012

A Blessing of a Baby

My sister, Emily, and her husband just welcomed a sweet baby boy at the end of May.  We got to visit them in the middle of June.  What a fun trip.  He sure is a blessing and we were so happy to meet him, love him, kiss him and hold him.

Sometime in April I put together a few things for him.  Now, I finally get to show them off!  First was a matching set of urban hoodies.  I decided that Jude and Bennett needed matching sweatshirts (that's logical right?) so I sized them right to fit both of them when we see each other at Christmas. This one is Jude's.  It's a size 2T.

This one is Bennett's.  Sized 6 mos.  I found the puppy knit at Joann's and had to have it.  Jude loves the puppies and I think it's a perfect accent fabric.  The gray was a jersey knit that I had on hand - in fact, it was a jersey sheet set I purchased at Target on sale awhile ago.  I think the combo is perfect.

Jude wore his for about 10 minutes in Colorado.  The heat has prevented any future wearings, but I'm sure it will still look great come fall.  Gosh, I love this pattern.  Looking at these pictures makes me want to make more!

Of course, I couldn't stop there.  This is my twin sister's baby after all.  So, as promised, I made a few more bibs for Emily's collection. 

I added this word to the plain blue one.  I don't have an embroidery machine so I ended up printing out the word, cut out the letters and traced them onto the fabric.  Then, I just stitched over the top of the lines.  I went over each letter twice.  Turned out cute I think.  I might have to try it again sometime.

Finally, to round out the stash, I made a few snack bags to match the bibs.  This addition to the gift was purely selfish because I made 8 total bags and kept 4 for myself. 

I'm not sure when, but Jude reached this age where it was in my best interest to bring snacks with me everywhere we go.  At some point I realized I was wasting plastic bags and thought it would be better to make some and wash them instead. 

This is the tutorial I found via Pinterest. I didn't use PUL fabric for the interior like it suggests.  Mine are cotton inside and out and I think they work just fine.

Hopefully Emily and Bennett will find a use for them too.

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