July 14, 2012

24 Weeks

This week is 24 weeks. I can feel her moving regularly and even Jesse has been able to feel her kick occasionally. I'm experiencing a wave of "very tired" which is requiring a daily nap, but other than that I'm feeling great. This is a fun stage.

Two weeks ago we spent a week in Colorado with Cory, Em and their new baby, Bennett! It was totally and completely blissful. I have a post coming with gifts made for Bennett.  While we were there, Emily and I went garage sale-ing, where I picked up these cute little shirts/dresses.

I decided they needed diaper covers to complete the outfit, so these became the first project for little girl Tink. I already had the fabric on hand. (It's kind of embarrassing how much girly fabric is in my stash.) The blue is a linen-look that I couldn't pass up and the floral is a lovely print that I picked up on sale last year. You'll certainly be seeing these two again in different projects. In fact, the blue would be absolutely perfect as Oliver + S Sailboat Pants. Just need to buy the pattern.

It was so stinkin' hot outside when I took these pictures that I neglected to change the settings on my camera. Oops. Sorry for blinding you.

I used MADE's diaper cover tutorial which was very easy and satisfying.

I look forward to little girl Tink crawling around in these next summer.

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