January 15, 2012

Urban Hoodie

Whose kid is that? He's adorable. Oh, that's right. He's mine and I tell him everyday that I'm a lucky mama.

It's mostly true until he throws a fit in public, at church, while I'm holding a fresh cup of coffee and can't wrap my arms around him to force him in the right direction. In those moments I just tell him very quietly and sternly that he'd "better get up right now and listen to his mama" and try my hardest not to make a really big scene, although that's impossible. Nothing like the pastor's wife and the pastor's kid getting into a scuffle in the lobby.

I'm still lucky.
So, I've had this little pattern floating around in my brain for while. It's the urban hoodie pattern and come to find out . . . it's only $6! The pattern comes in sizes 6 mos to 5T. I think it would look great in all of those sizes. In fact, I can find this little number useful in every season. So $6 is a great deal for one size and it's like I robbed the place to get 6 sizes in one pattern. You should go buy it now, you really should.

I put this picture in here just because I'm in love with it. You really can't see the sweatshirt at all.

I used the leftover red knit from his Christmas pajamas last year. And, I lined it with some great khaki stripe that I found on sale at Joann's awhile back.

I used the 2T pattern and on his small 20 month old body (26% for weight/40ish% for height) it fits him well. It's a little long in both the body and sleeves, but it should fit well for a good 6-9 months I would think. It probably will get us through summer.

What a great, casual style. I'll definitely be making more!

P.S. Jude recognized himself and said, "Jude!" while I was creating this post! It's the first time he's used his name without a little prodding from us. How fun!

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  1. I really must get this pattern! I love the fabrics you chose, and those pics are too cute!