January 9, 2012

A Christmas Knock-off

This Christmas I had the pleasure of sending gifts to my twin sister, Em, and her husband. She's fun to have for Christmas because I pretty much buy whatever I would love and it's well received. Course, the same could be said about any of my sisters, really.

Around Thanksgiving she was here and we were "pinning" together. We ran across an image of this. So cute, right?!

Even though I would love to support the American handmade artist I couldn't swing $100+ for a Christmas gift. So, I thought, "I'll make that". (Why do we sewers do this to ourselves? It's like a competition to see how crazy we can make ourselves.)

I drew up a pattern and ended up making four versions. The third was right and that's the one I sent to her. The hood and collar don't look exactly like the original I was going for and I couldn't figure out how to get them "wider" and still keep it all one piece. Still don't know the answer, but I like the pattern I came up with.

The one I'm wearing is version 4 - I made it after Christmas and am keeping it. Merry Christmas to me. It's a perfect winter piece - comfy for lounging or casual for work.

By the way, you would die if you knew how many pictures I took of myself in the mirror. More often than not it was a picture of the door knob with me smiling, out-of-focus in the background. Good times.

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  1. This post cracks me up, because I looked at the first photo and thought, "when did we take that picture?"...I thought it was me! hahaha! LOVE LOVE LOVE the sweatshirt, you are so gifted and amazing!