December 25, 2011

Harry, Ron & Hermione

Here's a little gift my friend commissioned me to make for her son. He's 8 and he's obsessed with Harry Potter. She saw this picture while browsing Pinterest and wondered if I could recreate them.

My answer was an immediate "YES!" I'm a Harry Potter fan too, so these were a no-brainer. I think I smiled happily the whole time I was making them.

I pieced together fabric to make the scarves. I used felt for their hair. And, I freezer painted the glasses, scar and freckles.

Each of them have black buttons for eyes. They also have zippers in the bottom and are stuffed with a pillow insert.

Didn't they turn out so fun? I kinda wish it was socially acceptable for me to have these pillows on my own bed. Merry Christmas, friends! Enjoy!


  1. Love, love, love the pillows! Thanks Erin!

  2. You are crazy talented! I love seeing what you can do!