January 31, 2012

Raglan Tee

For my 30th birthday I invited some friends over for a little day of craftiness. It was absolutely perfect. One friend got out her colored pencils, another knitted, another cut out some sewing projects and I sewed.

Crafting among friends is one of my favorite things. It was a perfect way to celebrate my birthday!

That day I worked on this raglan tee. What a simple and fun project! I got my inspiration here.

I used an old graphic tee from Jesse and drafted my pattern using these instructions..

The sleeves turned out a little tight above the elbows. I'm not sure how that happened, but I'll need to tweak my pattern the next time around.

It's hard to see the pattern in the pictures above. Here's what it really looks like.

Don't mind the yogurt stains. I was too lazy to wash it and take the pictures on another day.


  1. Happy birthday! It came out super cute! I have hem envy!

  2. Great tee! I definitely need to make some of those for my kidlets. And Happy Birthday! - Barb