April 29, 2012

Spring Living Room

I'm working slowly to bring some spring into our living room.  I like to change things up with the seasons, apparently.

When we first moved in I changed the style of our photo collage in the living room.  I painted the frames white and I love how it flows with the matte in each frame.  Each January I sort through pictures from the previous year and add a new set.  Cheap thrill.

I also changed the layout of the photos.  In the last house you can see the collage here.  This time I used this inspiration from Martha Stewart.  Love that Martha.

I decided some spring pillows were in order.  The ones from the last house just did not match anymore.  We used them last summer after we had just moved in because it was all we had and they made my eyes twitch.  Too much.

The striped pillows are just scraps of home decor fabric I had on hand.  I pieced them together and came up with the stripes.

The blue came from a lovely linen fabric that Hobby Lobby has in their home decor section.  I couldn't take my eyes off the color.  I love it!  

I added some flower detail using the freezer paper painting method.  You know, my go-to method for just about everything!  The piecing took awhile to put together, but I think it was totally worth it.  The design came from this inspiration - found on Pinterest, of course.

Here it is in better light.  I made two of each pillow.

And, here's the look of our living room currently. 

Still a work in progress, but definitely a step up from when we bought it 9 months ago.  This was a picture from the realtor's site and is the only "before" picture I have on this computer.

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