January 31, 2011

Wall of Fame

I have a wall in my house with several family pictures. It's my way of keeping those who we love the most close to us. (And, let's be honest, my way of decorating cheaply.) Every January I pick my favorite photos from the year before and I switch out the pictures. I guess I don't want them to ever feel stale and it's also a fun way to reminisce on the previous year.

My goal is to include at least one picture of every extended family member. I never have space to fit ALL of my favorite photos. But, here are some of my favs from 2010. They all just got hung in my living room yesterday.

They look great! What a beautiful family.

I've also been busy this month putting together a photo book in Snapfish of our photos from 2010. I've been thinking for a long time how I can print our photos so that we can not only have a digital memory of our past, but also a tangible, physical memory for us. I loved flipping through our family photo albums (each of us kids had one of our own) when I was a kid and I guess I want to create the same type of experience for my family too.

I created the book off and on throughout the month and just ordered it today - taking advantage of their 25% off + free shipping on photo books offer! I can't wait for it to arrive in the mail! Our first family photo album. (Insert "awww" here.)

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  1. I've been meaning to make a picture wall for such a long time...yours is a nice inspiration!