October 7, 2011

Two Little Boys

My older sister's boy, Tommy, just turned one. And, lucky for all of us, she just had another little boy, Matthew David, three days ago. I can barely hold in my excitement! I just wish I could hold that little bundle in my arms.

I sewed up a few little things to send their way this week.

In the package was:
Two new bibs. I found the bike print at Pacific Fabrics while we were in Seattle. It makes me think of David since I think he's been biking a lot recently. Plus, I bought it while we were visiting them so it only makes sense.

On the second one I freezer painted utensils on the front. I don't know. Just seemed like the thing to do.

And, secondly, I included my version of the Big Brother, Little Brother shirts.

For Tommy I painted a bike on the front of a long sleeve shirt from Target.

And, the baby got a tricycle on his. Awww.

I'm pretty proud of myself for that little combo. I'm totally patting myself on the back right now. So cute, right?


  1. So cute! And the blue stitching on the onesie...adorable! Impressive.

  2. I love that bike fabric so much and you rocked the painting! I love the big brother, little brother style!