July 19, 2010


I just recently finished up my baby announcements and got them sent out. I was part way through the process of designing and printing when Mom and Marie came to visit. They helped me tremendously by cutting, folding, stuffing, addressing and stamping. Boy, did I need the help badly!

I totally stole the design from Tiny Prints. They have really cute announcements there, but if you know me you know I'm a cheapskate and wasn't going to pay full price. So, I stole the design and recreated it at home. Ha! Suckas.

Here's the design I stole. It's too bad I'm letting you all in on this because you probably thought I was all creative and such. But, I'm not. I'm a fraud who just had a baby.

My friend, Diana, took the pictures when Jude was 8 days old. The little peanut wouldn't fall asleep, so she had to work hard to capture some good wide-eyed expressions. That can sure be hard with a baby!

I had a ton of blue envelopes leftover from a previous project, so I knew I wanted a design that would fit in those envelopes. And, of course, I wanted the cards to match the envelopes so I scanned one and figured out the exact shade of blue so that I could use that on the cards.

A long time ago I downloaded a free tool called Color Pix, which can be used to determine the exact color of any object on your computer. After finding the color I went to this website to find some colors in the same color palette. From there I settled on the green for an accent color.

I also downloaded a couple of new free fonts from Font Squirrel (which I like to do in order to get away from all the generic Microsoft stuff). The font I used for his name is called "monika" and the font for the text is "cicle".

All in all, I spent about $20 for the envelopes, $25 for the paper, $20 for an ink cartridge and $25 for stamps. For all you English majors, that adds up to less than $100! Had I purchased them online (at their original price) it would have totaled about $300. So, I'd say that's a pretty good savings.


  1. I am glad it wasn't the sociolgy majors who would have trouble with the math. :) Love you!

  2. Love Love Love these! Well done!