July 21, 2010

An Overgrown Garden

Yes, I do have my garden this year! Jesse was so kind to get out there in April and get it ready, and we planted the seeds together. Awww.

Then, my Mom so graciously pulled weeds while she was here - just after Jude was born. Somehow we picked the hottest day of the year for her to do it, but she did.

However, even with all the help, the garden still ended up looking like this by the end of June:

What a sad looking place. So, I got out there and put in my time and later that day it looked like this:

And, now, I'm afraid, I've let it grow again and we're probably back to it looking more like the first picture. Ugh. Oh well. We ARE successfully growing beans, squash, zucchini, rhubarb, tomatoes and bell peppers. So, that's a plus. Now, I just need to pick some and actually do something with them.

Somewhere in there I also planted strawberries and pumpkins, but I haven't seen those come up yet. I still have hope for the pumpkins, but not the strawberries. I'm afraid the strawberries probably got lost in the mix some time ago. Maybe I'll try those again next year.


  1. It is surely overgrown! LOL. But now it looks neat already. Thanks for sharing this photos. I also had my garden messed up once and all I have left to do is to pull everything and start from the very beginning. LOL. But it is worth it.

  2. Oh. That sure is an overgrown garden! But good thing is that you already made it tidy again. My garden always looks like that even though I always clean it up and trim it. I don't know why but it seems that my green thumb is not yet that green.