June 11, 2012

My Very Own Sewing Space

It's true! For the very first time I have a place to sew. A place where I can leave my sewing machine out and unfinished projects lying around to my heart's content. I'm so happy! Here's a little tour of the room.

The desk above was a free piece from my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. It was in the basement of the house they recently bought. I gave it a distressed paint job and added hardware. I wish I had a before picture to show you. She went from less than desirable to being a real keeper.

My sister Emily gave me these canisters as a wedding present. I quickly realized they were too small to hold four, suger, etc. well, so now they have new life holding stray ribbons, zippers, velcro and extra thread.

My Mom has had one of these for as long as I remember. I feel like I've made it in life now that I have a place to put one. All that thread so neatly organized makes my heart happy.

I resurrected this shelf from our basement. It was a dingy old thing that came with the house. You can see a "before" picture below. I gave it the same distressed paint job that I did on the desk. Now, it holds my stacks of fabric, some art supplies and a few sewing books.

It was so inspiring to pull out this fabric from my bins. There are so many projects just ready to be made!

I finally get to display my sewing books too. I'm especially proud of the "Better Homes and Gardens" book copyright 1970. My sister, Marie, sent it to me a long time ago. Its pictures and content are so vintage-y cool. I'm glad it's out of a bin and finally sitting proudly on a shelf.

Don't mind the mess of cords. I'm still working to tame them. These are the benefits of living in an old house where outlets are few and far between. I'll do my best to not start a fire.

In the other corner is the office space. I replaced the hardware with the same that I put on the sewing desk. I think it gives the desks a cohesive feel even though they don't match.

My friend Sara did the artwork. I love it. We used it to decide the color scheme for the room. Doesn't it look fabulous?

These are Jude's books, which I was too lazy to pull out of the room before taking pictures. They're in here because we're currently redoing his room and don't have a spot in there for them yet.

My grandpa made a table and chairs set for us when we were little and I'm lucky enough to inherit it! I can't wait to pick them up. They will go right here under the window and provide a perfect place for Jude and I to work in the same room together.

This is a picture of the room from the doorway. The bookshelf is to the left. My sewing table in the far corner and the office desk just to the right.

So, here's the lovely BEFORE pictures of the room. I should have taken a picture of my stuff in this space previously too. It looked like a scene from the show Hoarders. Something about bins of fabric and art supplies piled high in a dingy and dark paneled room screamed hoarder. We kept the door shut as often as possible.

One Saturday in April Jesse took down all the paneling and took it to the dump. Underneath it was glue and old paint. I spent a few weeks with a scraper in hand just scraping away. Of course, I could only do it for 60 minutes or so at a time before I was worn out and had to nap. Ah pregnancy. Everything takes twice as long as it should. Eventually, I sanded, we primed and then painted. The whole process took about a month.

And, lastly, a "before" picture of the shelves. Too bad you can't see the dirt and cobwebs. It was not a pretty thing. Surprisingly a scrub brush and a paint job makes it look rather functional. Three cheers for free furniture! (Jesse wasn't so happy about lugging it from the basement to the third floor though.) God bless that man.

Oh, and yes, that is our basement. It still looks like that. We'll get to that project eventually. I'm going to work on having a baby first though.

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