June 8, 2012

It's a GIRL!

Just yesterday we got to do the ultrasound of our little one. We were pleasantly surprised to find out it's a girl!

From the beginning of this pregnancy I've had an inkling that it was a girl. Which was funny because when I was pregnant with Jude I didn't have a feeling one way or the other. Early on I found myself more inclined to look at girly things or to plan a girly nursery. However, I was sure not to buy anything knowing I would jinx it if I did!

I'm excited, but a little anxious to have a girl. Will I know what to do with her? Will I know how to do her hair? We'll see. The good thing is they come out tiny and not opinionated, so that will help.

My belly button is popping out this time. I don't remember it happening last time although Jesse says it did. This little one seems to be much higher in my abdomen than Jude was. I wonder if that makes a difference. My sister-in-law said she always wanted her belly button to pop, but it never did. I can't say I have the same sentiment about it. I think it's kinda weird.

I bet you could guess that I've got a few things on the sewing list. I can't wait to get started! So far the list includes:
1. Oliver & S Sailor Pants
2. Peasant Dresses
3. Pleated Skirt
There will be more. That's all I was brave enough to pin before I knew her gender. The sewing machine will be humming soon!


  1. Jumping up and down excited for you! Congrats!

  2. Oh yey! How exciting! I just gave birth to my first daughter {I have a 3 year old boy} 16 days ago and my belly button definitely popped! Everyone teased me and said it looked like a nipple, and my belly was so big and high and round they said it looked like a giant boob :< haha. I hope you have smooth sailing the rest of your pregnancy! Sewing for baby girls is, as I've discovered, SO FUN. AND LACEY. AND RUFFLEY! omg.