February 18, 2012

Pocket Pants

I recently made a pair of pocket pants from the Sew Liberated book my darling cousin sent me

The pant pattern is adorable and easy.  But, I'm feeling kinda "eh" about the finished product.

I think I chose the wrong fabric.  I love this fabric - I think it's perfect for a little boy, but the style of pant and the plaid make them them look kinda clowny.  A skinny pant may have been a better choice.

I might be able to pair them with a tiny black sweater vest for a wedding this summer. We'll see.

Second, I found the pockets to be a bit "poochy" in front. I ended up sewing down the top third of the pocket to the pant. Makes for a much better fit in the front. Unfortunately, these pictures were taken before that small edit.

All in all, I think I'll try this pattern at least one more time. Hopefully my fabric choice will make for a better pant next time.


  1. I love that fabric! I had the same complaints and was about to pack them up. I tried them on Jude one more time and since he's grown they fit much better, too bad they will soon be too short. So don't give up on them yet, I think they are super cute!

  2. Jude just needs a knitted hat and he'll be good to go! Clown pants?... nah! More like PNW Hipster in the making :-) Love imagining Mr. Jude being giving continuous mama hugs through your clothes-crafting magic!