December 16, 2011

A New Coat for Jude

"A New Coat for Jude" makes me think of this book from my childhood. It sticks out so prominently in my mind yet I don't think we even owned it. Is it familiar to anyone else?

Anyway, over Thanksgiving my Mom showed up with this new coat and hat for Jude!

She prepared me ahead of time that she had "out done herself", which is saying a lot since my Mom is the most talented sewer I know. But, she wasn't kidding! This coat is quite honestly the cutest thing I've laid eyes on - minus, of course, my fabulous husband and darling son. Did I need the disclaimer?

You might have to click on the pictures to see them a little larger. The details are absolutely stunning!

Somebody in blogland recently said that the difference between girls and boys clothes is in the details. Boys clothes tend to be plain in fabric choice, but make up for it with interesting additions like snaps, extra pockets, etc. It's so true! See these shorts, for example.

The bands on the back, shoulders and sleeves totally take make this coat sing!

And, here's the kicker . . . do you see that lining? Oh my. It makes it cozy warm for our cold winters and adds such a touch of dressiness without losing the masculinity.

I love everything about it, Mom! What an honor to have these beautiful pieces to pass down to my kids. I'm overwhelmed by your talent! Thank you!


  1. Amazing! I would love to know what pattern/fabric she used. It really is the cutest little boy coat I've ever seen, and the wearer is super adorable too! P.s.- thanks for the link :)

  2. The jacket and hat are just simply amazing! I love that you posted about them and shared so many pictures. Also impressed that you remembered that, you're good. I would love to read that again and have it in my collection. How fun to remember those. :)

  3. Mom says the coat pattern is Burda Kids 9501 and she added the pockets to it because "kids love pockets". :) The hat pattern is Newsboy Style Hat from etsy seller Butterfly Tree.