October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

What a great Halloween! I conned Jesse into carving pumpkins with me last night. We made yet another trip to a different farm to pick out pumpkins for both Jesse and Jude. Luckily when you live in Iowa "the farm" is only 10 minutes in one direction or another, so it's easy to fit three different farms into one season.

We got to carving those pumpkins as soon as we got home. Jesse went for a new design this year by carving the outline of a leaf based on the Molson Canadian logo - I have no idea where these ideas come from so don't ask; I'm just grateful that he joins me! I, on the other hand, went for the scaredy cat and the angry jack o lantern.

Here's our doorstep all ready for the big night! Those pumpkins greeted about 350 trick-o-treaters tonight. I've never seen such an array of fairies, princesses, ninjas and spidermen.

Our friends Ang and Craig came over to join in the festivities. Jude helped give out candy, and I loved every minute of it!

Of course my very favorite part, though, is dressing up this little guy. Oh what fun I have. This year we went with Woody from Toy Story. I was so giddy about dressing him up that I started and finished his Halloween costume at least a month ago. I've been looking forward to it ever since!

The leather boots were in a hand-me-down collection we received awhile ago and the hat came with Pete the Horse. So, the outfit was destined from the beginning.

To complete the outfit I purchased a dress shirt from a thrift store and dyed it yellow. Then, I sewed the little vest out of a cow print and made a tiny bandana that could tie underneath his collar. Lastly, I rounded it out with a badge and a pair of jeans.

Just look at that tiny little cowboy! Makes my heart melt.

And, just in case you are starting to think it's all "puppy dogs and ice cream" around here . . . this is how our photo shoot ended. I think he was upset about me trying to get him to wear his hat . . . but, honestly, it's hard to say. Who knows. Really.


  1. SO cute! What a lovely little cowpoke!

  2. I love his costume. And it's not Halloween with little ones if there aren't a few tears.