October 21, 2011

Feather Your Nest

A lovely friend of mine hosts an event called "Feather Your Nest". This is the second time she and her friends have done this. They clear out one of their houses and turn it into a shabby chic boutique filled with handmade goods from the people they know.

I never thought I would sell any of my things because I'm on of those who sews and creates for my own thrills rather than to make any sort of profit. Plus, it's really hard to make a profit on an item that took you 3 hours to make, but is only worth about $15.

But, after Kristin asked me I thought I would jump in. Why not? So, I made up some labels, tags, etc. and went to work. I made fabric flower rings in apple green, teal, gray, coral and steel blue.

I made three pairs of cloth shoes in sizes 9 months, 6 months and newborn.
I made three bibs (my own pattern) - one bike pattern and two silverware bibs. Look familiar?
For the first time, I made three pillows from this inspiration.
I also made three little tutus. Those were fun to make again. Unfortunately my pictures weren't great, so I'm not including them in here.

I sent the stuff off this week. If they sell I'll be donating my profit to our church's campaign - A Better Story. Donating the profit makes the long hours/small pay off worth it in the end. We'll see if it sells!


  1. Of course it will! Your stuff is amazing! I love that you love to create. We should always make time to do things that thrill us. Love you all!

  2. I NEED you to make me a couple of these pillows. So cute!!!