June 13, 2011

Bow Tie

We just returned from a lovely wedding this last weekend. Our friends Lauren and Stephen got married and boy was their wedding just beautiful. What a treat to be a part of it. Honestly.

Jesse, Jude and I got to spend the weekend away in Des Moines. How wonderful it was to be away! We loved it.

Thank you Lauren and family for hosting such a fabulous party! It was so fun to celebrate with all of you!

Lauren is one of Jude's favorites. So, I wanted to make sure he was extra handsome to celebrate with her at her wedding. (Okay, really, any excuse would have worked.)

We started with the bow tie made from Delia Creates Mister Bow Tie tutorial. Then I picked up the dress shirt on sale at Kohls. I thought the color combination was just perfect.

And, finally, I added the newsboy cap. I couldn't help myself.

Just look at that handsome little thing. He got many many compliments.