April 4, 2011

New Bedding In Progress

Over the last month I've been working on a big project for the bedroom. This project has been in my head for awhile and is finally coming into fruition - slowly but surely. Nothing like putting your house on the market that will catapult random projects like this to the top of the list. Why is that? No idea.

Our old duvet cover/bedding set was a nice classic khaki. It was one of those that we met in the middle on when we got married. I was quite surprised how opinionated my husband was when we were picking out things like bedding. It seemed like he had several stipulations - the main one being it couldn't be too feminine, which really meant any pattern whatsoever. So, we ended up with khaki.

The khaki was nice and for the most part I liked it. Unfortunately, however, the khaki didn't wear well. And, in the last year it started looking pretty shabby - and not in the "chic" sort of way.

I looked and looked and looked for new fabric - trying desperately to fit within the strict bedding stipulations. I finally picked up two pairs of gray curtains (a linen hopsack) at Ikea last year with the intention of sewing a new cover. Yes, it took me this long to actually sew something together.

I made up a pattern.

And, then crossed my fingers and started cutting and sewing.

For each "strip" across the width I topstitched with double stitching. Gives it a nice detail up close.

The end is closed with black buttons. Simple.

The whole plan is to add a king size blanket to drape over the bottom half of the bed during the winter and to use as a comforter during the summer. I'll also add king size pillows and small decorative pillows. The fabric is coming in this week. I wonder how long it will take me. We'll see.

So, out of 4 projects total for the bed. One is complete. Check.

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  1. I always appreciate how you post your sewing magicness like, "It ain't no thing." But really, it's incredible. You and Jesse should sell your house and move to Chicago. That duvet would look great in Chicago. And I would promise to babysit Jude for free (who, by the way, is adorable). Miss and love you!