April 5, 2011

Feeding the Baby

A few months ago when Jude began eating solid foods I started making my own baby food at home. I was inspired originally when my sister-in-law gave me the book, Super Baby Food. I hadn't thought much about it until then, but once I started reading I loved the idea of the variety of baby food options and that making baby food at home is relatively inexpensive.

At six months we started Jude with oatmeal, apples and pears, which he still loves very much. Little by little we kept adding new things. Now there is such a list that it would bore you to death to read it all. I've been surprised with how easy it is to prepare and store these foods at home.

The other day we made a large batches of food that included pears, peaches, white potatoes, sweet potatoes and pineapple. The pineapple is pictured here. I frequently use the Super Baby Food book to look up how I should prepare the foods. The author provides really great detail on just about any food you can think of.

I should say, however, that I don't follow all of the instructions in the book. In fact there is so much detail and instruction that it's completely overwhelming. I don't even recommend the book as a whole at all.

A simpler (and free) guide I've found is www.wholesomebabyfood.com. They have a wonderful variety of lists appropriate for different ages and instructions on preparing foods. It's fabulous.

Once I steamed the pineapple I put it in my Cuisinart until chunky (since we're pretty well passed the smooth puree stage).

Then, I place it in ice cube trays to freeze. Once frozen I store it in freezer bags. And, when it comes to meal time, I warm up the right amount for each meal. Easy peasy.

One cube equals one ounce, and approximately three cubes equals one jar of baby food.

And, for those of you who need an updated picture of my little punkin, here he is. 10 months old now.

I captured that little grin on the same day I captured this little moment. It was a good day.


  1. Love it! We make our own baby food too and it is so easy and inexpensive. When I've looked at jars, etc. in Target or other stores, I'm underwhelmed at the selection and overwhelmed at the price anyway! Congrats on taking the home-made route.

    Jude reminds me so much of my little boy too with that guitar picture...what a fun age they are at!

  2. you dominate motherhood.

  3. Hooray for homemade baby food! You have great taste in baby names :) Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. Just found your blog via your toddler backpack in Rae's flickr group, and had to chime in. Yes, that book is ridiculous! The amount of details she includes is way beyond the pail. Who was her editor? Between that and the bad fonts, I can barely read that book for more than two minutes at a time. But I still have referred to it several times. Anyway, the backpack is super cute! Love the chevrons.