November 28, 2010

Christmas for Three

Yes, it's true. We've gone from Halloween to Christmas at this space in a matter of 4 days! Time flies, I'm telling you.

Well, Christmas is going to be a little different around here this year because we've added this little cutie to the mix. I'm looking forward to it!

By the way, did you notice he's wearing the hat my cousin knitted for him? Isn't it the cutest? I can't get enough of it. Or him, let's be honest.

My first order of business (before the real Holiday craziness begins) was to make sure Jude had his own Christmas stocking. And, while I was at it I made four! Oh my. No, I'm not exactly trying to estimate the number of our future children. I just thought that as long as I still had some of the fabric on hand I better make a whole lot so I "should" not have to make another set until I'm totally and completely sick of this one. Right? Right.

I made two each of these style (yes, they're a little different . . . look closely):
I couldn't bring myself to photograph all four. It made me appear crazy even though in my head I can justify that I'm not. Is this how I live my life? Yes, I'm afraid so. Hiding the craziness.

I made these two red stockings for Jesse and me back in 2007. I used the McCall's 3777 pattern. If you link to the pattern you'll notice that it looks a little dorky because of the fabric they used (I don't know who decides those things!), but I liked the shape of the stockings. So, I went with it. I tweaked with the top a bit until I liked it.

That year I also made a tree skirt. I was hoping they would all correlate without being too matchy. I think I did it. I'm happy with the way they turned out and I love pulling them out of the Christmas boxes each year. That's a good sign.

And, here are our stockings all lined up and ready. One for each us plus Scout.

Three cheers for holiday sewing! I love it.


  1. Erin, Just wanted you to know two things.
    - My mom also made an "extra" stocking before my brother was born while she had the fabric- no one though she was crazy, and 25 years later, we still use those stockings!
    -Because of all your fabulous sewing projects,you inspired me and I signed up for a "DIY Sewing Machine Maintenance" class to get the Singer I inherited from my grandma working again! I might try to make a tree skirt- that a good thing to start with right?
    Also, I'm a now a big fan of pink picket fence and house on hill road- so I guess that's 3 things! :)


  2. you crack me up with your for stockings! i am working on making my baby a stocking too and now i'm thinking i might need to make some more for future use!

  3. i think i stared at that picture of jude for a good 3 1/2 minutes. he is SO FREAKIN' CUTE!