October 9, 2010

Baby Thomas

I have a sweet new nephew who was born 3 weeks early on September 23! He belongs to my older sister, Marie, and they named him Thomas. It makes my heart melt to think of him. I'm so in love from so far away!

I whipped up a couple of outfits and sent them out in time for a baby shower early in September. It's a good thing I had an excuse to send something early because he sure surprised us by arriving 3 weeks early!

I made him some newborn basics. Mostly because I loved Jude's newborn clothes and I feel like he wore them far longer than I had been told he would. I think Jude wore them for a good 4-5 weeks. Plus, I always like newborn clothes that actually fit.

So . . . Thomas got some newborn clothes. He got some orange booties (similar to a pair I made for Jude. Thomas' are cuter though. Oh, and it was Emily's original idea to put the buttons on the side rather than the top, center. I love that!), two onsies that I freezer painted and a pair of gray sweats. Can't go wrong with gray sweats at any age, right?

The onesies are a sailboat and a baseball player. I don't have a good reason behind the sailboat. It's not too cutesy and it reminds me of Seattle. Those seemed like good enough reasons. The baseball player is specifically for David & Marie. They LOVE baseball! And, I sure love that about them. So, it only seemed fitting.

Here's a picture of the little munchkin as he was leaving the hospital. I believe he had his baseball onesie on. Look at him all scrunched up! Don't you just want to squeeze him, kiss him and tell him how handsome he is? I do. Christmas in Seattle couldn't come soon enough this year.

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