September 1, 2010

I Got My Hairs Cut

Look at me!
I must admit I was beginning to look a little frumpy. That's what happens when I don't have a haircut pre-scheduled in my calendar - I end up waiting until it's a DESPERATE situation before I fix it.

I was in luck when I found out that my new friend, Mandy Sherwood, is a cosmetologist with an expired license. Yes! This means she's freaky good, she comes to my house, we have a lovely girlfriend chat, she understands my need to bottle feed Jude under the cape while she cuts, and she's ridiculously inexpensive. $20, people!

Now, I got just what I wanted. Looking like Emily. Sorry, world, sometimes twins can't help themselves.

1 comment:

  1. HeeHee! I was gonna say..."you look just like Emily!" :) And...when you guys are as darn cute as you both are, looking alike just adds to the fun! Love you!