October 9, 2013

A New Place for Coffee (and other stuff)

So excited about my recent build! We have a new coffee table. YAY! I've been dreaming of this one for awhile and finally built it while Jesse was out of town last Friday through Saturday. I wanted it to be a surprise for him and he didn't disappoint. He came home late Saturday night and immediately found me upstairs in bed to tell me how much he liked it. Good man.

The table plans came from Ana White. It's her Lego Table plan, which is a little different on her website versus in her book. I followed the plans from the book and modified the dimensions to fit in my living room. And to fit the wire baskets I bought for it!

I like how the wire baskets complement the design and I like how they add something different to the living room. I'm not sure yet what to put in them, but I'm sure inspiration will strike eventually.

When I was envisioning the table, I wasn't sure what color to paint or stain the table at first. I almost went with dark brown stain, but the vision started to feel a bit heavy for the living room. I don't know. Maybe because I knew it would sit between two dark brown couches. One day I thought of using the white/brown combo and that's when I started to get excited about building it.

The top compartments are designed to lift up/out to store ... well ... legos, of course. I like the way it looks and even like the handles on top even though we don't (yet) have the lego conundrum going on in this house. Again, I'm sure we'll find something to fill this space eventually.

I used more of the cedar that came out of our creepy sauna in the basement. I only have one more wall of boards in that space to pry out and use up. What will the next project be?!


  1. Oh. My. Goodness! I love you! (Also, I love your project. So perfect for your living room!)

  2. You are AMAZING!!! Seriously. I'm too scared to make anything out of wood!! We'll call it a long term goal...

  3. The only thing I'd change on this is the top. I'd make it a cantilevered top that pulls up and over.

  4. The only thing I'd change on this is the top. I'd make it a cantilevered top that pulls up and over.

  5. I love it! Could you please tell me what dimensions you used?