February 9, 2013

Twiggy Starburst

I found this post in my queue and, although it's from Christmas, I thought I would post it. I have no shame. Hey, things move slowly around here with two littles in my midst and I'm not afraid to admit that!

Before Christmas I made this twig wreath and hung it in my dining room. Cost me nothing and I think it's quite fun.

I saw this picture through pinterest and thought it would be a fun project to tackle. I found the twigs while walking with the kids through the neighborhood. Took a couple of trips to the park to collect enough.

I felt rather sheepish being the crazy lady with the sticks in her stroller, but I try to convince myself that when I'm eliciting judgmental stares it's usually worth it. (The chalkboard for Jude's room is a perfect example.) Sometimes you just have to be the crazy lady, you know?

It came together rather easily with some cardboard, twine and lots of hot glue. The hardest part was cutting the twigs to the right length. Part of my problem, though, was not having the right kind of shears on hand. I made do with a handsaw. Is that one word or two? Hmm.

With a few scraps I created a couple twig stars too and stuck them in the the Christmas tree.

I think it looks good in the dining room right now because it fills the wall nicely. But, I'll probably move it to the eat-in area of my kitchen for the rest of the year. Merry Christmas! (errr . . . February?)

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