April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter weekend.  On Friday we attended a Good Friday service.  That's the best way to start the weekend, I think.  It's a good reminder of what we're celebrating on Sunday ... in fact it gives me a chance to soak in the reality of what happened on Friday 2000 years ago and allows me time to anticipate the celebration of Sunday.

On Saturday we attended our neighborhood Easter egg hunt.  There were so many kids!  It was fun to see my son wandering about, picking up eggs and throwing them shortly after.  I love this stage where he is participating, but has no idea what's going on.

On Sunday I dressed this little boy up and we went to church.  I love Easter.  A little while ago I decided he needed a red tie to match his shoes, but of course I didn't make that happen until late on Saturday night.

Luckily I found a tutorial almost a year ago while I was searching for bow ties and ties to make for Jude last summer.  I found some scrap fabric and whipped up this little number.  It came together really quickly.  I highly recommend the tutorial.

On Sunday afternoon we did another Easter egg hunt at Grandma & Papa's house.  Again, Jude wandered around.  It was fun. 

He did end up finding a few eggs with Dad's help.  He was rather proud of himself!


  1. Oh my goodness. This is just too cute. You are so talented! Plus it helps to have such a handsome little muse.