May 9, 2011

Kitchen Floor!

As you know, we are selling our house! We're hoping to make the big move across town this summer. We have our eye on a big yellow house and we're crossing our fingers that it will all work out. Only time will tell.

My wonderful Mom came out to visit in the middle of April. It was such a lovely trip. I was very happy to have her here. As usual, though, we put her to work. How come we can't seem to avoid doing that? Is it because there is not much else to do around here except read magazines and go for a walk? (Which sounds lovely actually)

Thankfully she is always up for a project - no matter how big or small. So, we tackled the kitchen floor.

This is what it has looked like for the last five years.

Ick. No one should have a white kitchen floor. Especially if it's the main entrance to the house and you own a dog. This floor looked dirty all the time. Eventually, I just had to stop caring or I would have made myself crazy obsessing over it.

So, we decided on the sticky, vinyl flooring system to solve our problem. And, after about 10 hours of hard work it now looks like this.

Isn't that fabulous? The project came together quite well. Miraculously it was one of those DIY projects that didn't get the best of us. The most time consuming part was cutting the edges of the exterior pieces. Thankfully we had knee pads and my Mom's company. Both were much needed and appreciated.

The house is officially on the market. And, now we just need a buyer.

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  1. nice! good luck selling the house and getting the yellow one across town!