December 29, 2010

All Those Christmas Cards

I LOVE traditional Christmas cards. Isn't it so fun to receive so many beautiful cards during the month of December? I very much anticipate the mail's arrival in December just to see who I'm going to hear from. There's just something special about receiving updates in an old-fashioned way from those you love.

In the back of my mind I've hoped to find a way to display all of the cards, but I hadn't settled on anything until this year.

I ran across this project on a blog I've really been enjoying recently, delia creates. She got the idea for the wreath here. It's such a simple idea - only requiring a piece of cardboard, x-acto knife, wrapping paper, tape, clothes pins, hot glue and ribbon.

I whipped it together one evening in about an hour while enjoying a movie. It's so easy and so cute.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I love this idea! Maybe I'll make one now so that it will be ready for next year's Christmas. After decorating a bunch of Christmas cards, I'm still in a crafty mood. Thanks for sharing the good news about Delia's blog. Wow, I got some thrills poking around there. I want to make some of those flowers she puts on her ear warmers for some pillows.