October 19, 2010

A Waterloo Baby!

Our friends, Kim and Jerry, just had a baby about 10 days ago. They named him Jett. Isn't that such a great name? Kim is the office coordinator at Prairie Lakes Church's Waterloo Campus. And, the Waterloo Campus now has a special place in our hearts because Jesse just became the official Waterloo Campus Pastor! Yay! Very exciting.

Everybody who attends the Waterloo Campus has been given a t-shirt. The address to the blog is on the front and there is a great design on the back - makes for good advertising. And, everyone likes a free t-shirt, right? Of course, the church made sure there is a size for everyone ranging from a child's small to an adult x-large. But, unfortunately, even a range like that still leaves out our littlelest members. So, I took it upon myself to transform a child's small t-shirt into a onesie just for Jett.

I added some built in long sleeves because the weather is just getting colder from here. Ack. It pains me to say that. Plus, it's about a 3 month size, so he won't be wearing it for a couple of months.

And, well, you shouldn't be surprised because I decided he needed some gray pants and some booties to go along with it. Sometimes I just can't help myself but to keep on sewing!

I used the nightgown pattern again and turned it into a onesie - just like I did for Jude. I added snaps to the closure this time instead of velcro. Turned out really cute I think.

Well, I better move on quickly so I don't get into a rut with this whole onesie, gray pant, booty thing. It's going to get embarrassing.


  1. This is awesome! You and your sewing skills inspire me. I wish I had more time/space/patience to make things like this.

  2. That is adorable! When does Jude get one? It seems like the pastor's kid should have a t-shirt, too!