April 13, 2010

Just Another Update

The picture above shows 35 weeks. See, you know you're approaching your 9th month when you can actually hold your belly from below rather than just rest your hands on top of it. This week I'm actually at 36 weeks, but I'm lazy about posting anything in real time. Plus, nobody really cares about that little technicality except myself. So, there you go.

I would have to say that the belly is now taking on a basketball shape. I feel like it's protruding forward more and more everyday. Which, I have to say, I prefer to it protruding wider more and more everyday - ever-widening would be worse, I think. Thankfully I'm still fairly comfortable - still sleeping through the night, etc. I'm very grateful for that.

I've been having trouble getting up out of the couch, though. Jesse usually has to give me a nice nudge from behind to get me up and on my feet again. Getting out of bed in the morning is a similar experience. Feels like a work out right when I get up in the morning. Roll over, scootch to the side of the bed, focus really hard before lurching the legs off the side then heave the midsection to an upright position and finally step off onto the ground. Whew. Seriously, I hate mornings, and this little routine is not helping.

I'm also craving foods more so now than I was in the first trimester. I didn't think that was normal (it probably isn't). But, I've been eating LOTS of bagels with creamcheese, yogurt with fruit and granola, oatmeal squares cereal and ice cream. Mmmm. Gotta love all the dairy and carbohydrates I'm consuming. Poor baby.

This is sort of random, but I had to document it somewhere. We got golf ball-sized hail last week! Look at that. Do you see the golf ball in the picture above? I threw it in there just to give you something to compare it to. We had some damage to the house roof, siding and even two storm windows broken. It was insane! I've never seen anything like it.

And, last, but not least I sewed my first onesie for the little guy. I used the nightgown pattern that I had used before and then traced the bottom half from some onesies that I had on hand. Unfortunately I didn't have any small snaps, so I ended up with velcro instead. I'm not sure if that will hold, but we'll see. I picked up the shirt at goodwill, and it turns out this is his first UNI outfit. His dad was proud.

Hopefully I'll have time and energy to continue experimenting with these. They're fun to sew and I can imagine all sorts of possibilities.


  1. Erin, you are super cute and super talented. I can't belive you are so close to having your sweet boy! I intended to send you a cute maternity dress I bought at Gap and never wore...now I guess I'll have to save it for your next pregnancy. Enjoy these last weeks being pregnant - they can be tiring, but they are precious! And... get your sewing in now girl. Just sayin.

  2. So.. you are absolutely ridiculous!! I almost hate coming and reading your blogs because I feel like Im a failure as a woman!! :) HAHA! Super cute onsie and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the blocks you made for baby Tink!! I cant wait to see him and have you experience all the joys (and discomfort) of having a baby!! :) I love you guys so much and am so excited to be soon parenting along side you!! :)
    Love Rach