September 17, 2009

Eat Your Veggies (Part V)

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart Living, May 2008

I think my garden is the best I've ever seen! I might be a little biased (and naive), but I can't believe how many beautiful vegetables I've been able to grow. It's probably beginner's luck, which will make me very sad when I try and recreate the same goodness next summer, but I'll definitely give it a whirl in 2010. Here's a picture of what I was able to glean just one day last week:

This is only a glimpse of what has been going on. Let's see . . . throughout the summer we've gotten 5 or 6 cucumbers, 30 something carrots, 3 or so bags of lettuce, 5 or so acorn squash, 2 watermelons, 5 or so tomatoes, gobs of cherry tomatoes, 2 beautiful green peppers, lots of green beans and 2 pumpkins that will be ready just in time for carving. It's been so fun!

The only things that haven't been particularly successful are the peppers. I have two green pepper plants, one yellow and one red. Out of all four plants we have only had 2 green peppers (which were beautiful!) and a yellow pepper-that hasn't turned color yet.

Next year I think we'll swap out the cucumbers for zucchini (since it's so yummy on the grill and I can use it in bread or cake), and I probably won't plant many carrots, if any. I don't have anything against carrots, but they have been hard to pull out of the ground And, it's kind of hard to plant them without planting thousands. What if I don't want thousands? What if I only want 10, can I have just 10? Okay, okay, I'll stop this little rant on carrots. I just won't plant them next year, that's all.

Things I have loved, though, are the tomatoes (especially the cherry tomatoes), the squash, the peppers (of the ones we've gotten), and the pumpkins. And, of course, I'm looking forward to seeing how the watermelons turn out too. They might make the list.


  1. Fun! Have you thought about planting watermelon? They are easy and so yummy fresh from the garden. You'll want to plant them in the ground as plants and you'll want two of them to a hill. We did them for two years and had 3-4 watermelon. Delicious and plenty to share!

  2. look at you storing up for the winter!! of course they are nicely organized by color!! haha!! dang i miss the days of projects of stripes..haha!!

  3. awesome! Looks like you did great. The green beans are our favorite and we did butternut squash this year which was a big hit. And...I agree on the carrots. I absolutely love fresh carrots, but it is hard to plant and work at something that is 59 cents a pound at the farmers market and even less at the grocery store. Great job!

  4. P.S....Erin, you and your mom will especially appreciate the title of my most recent post. :) My friends and I use that line from her talk at the women's retreat ALL THE TIME!