March 15, 2009

Itty Bitty Babies

There were three babies born in the last 5 months to couples in our small group - two little girls and one little boy. It's been so fun to walk through the pregnancy/bringing-baby-home experience with these friends. As a gift to each of the kiddos I printed on some onesies using the same freezer paper technique that I used for my nephew's shirts. Once again - totally enjoyable!

The little boy received three onesies in a transportation theme. I can't help myself but to make things theme-y. He also received a little pair of navy blue sweatpants that I made for him to match the shirts.

The little girls each received a shirt with a bird. I got the inspiration from a most adorable picture on another favorite blog of mine. (Is that picture not so cute?)

And, I made each of the girls matching white sweatpants to go with their new shirts. It looks like Ella likes her new outfit.

Here's Taylor in her outfit - so cute and so funny.

Those pictures make me so happy.


  1. Those little birdie shirts are adorable. I love the sweatpants, too. Ella looks adorable!. :)

  2. Cute cute! I love the images you found....especially on the boy onesies.